I first met Reynosa Shihan through our mutual participation in Scuba diving and the desire to pass on the love of the ocean to others as Scuba instructors. I visited his home/dojo for the first time in 1985 and discovered that his desire to pass on love, compassion, and kindness through the practice of Aikido was as deep as any ocean.

I also discovered that the Martial Art that he was willing to teach me was powerful, beautiful, and most importantly practical. I have always considered myself lucky to find a great teacher and a subject like Aikido worthy of a lifetime of study in one swift stroke. Since that time, I have been on a path with him and the Makoto Dojo and benefited from the dedication and loyalty of my fellow students.

I received my Shodan rank in 1995 and Nidan rank in 2000 under the direction of our former master teacher Steven Seagal. At that time, we knew him as Take Shigemichi who was and continues to be an inspiration through all that we learned from his teachings of Aikido. In 2002 I was honored to receive my Sandan rank directly from my teacher, Larry Reynosa Shihan.

I continue on the path of Aikido as a student with an open mind and heart and remain grateful to those with whom I travel.

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