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Amazon Smile

Dear Makoto Dojo Members and Supporters:

I know many of you shop online through the site and now 0.5% of whatever you spend on Amazon can be directed to the Dojo as a donation and it does not add one penny to your purchase price of any item that you might purchase. This new tool called AmazonSmile is an amazing opportunity to use in order to generate donations for the Dojo without any additional cost to you.

This is just a way that Amazon has created to help the Charitable Non-Profit Business Sector. As I understand it, all you have to do is utilize the link shown ( and make sure Makoto Dojo School of Aikido Inc. is chosen as your charitable organization. Then every time you shop through Amazon a donation will be generated. There is nothing else you need to do, it’s just that simple. I have created my own account and followed the instructions to do the very same, since I do shop through this site as well. If you want to read more about it, follow this link: What is AmazonSmile?

I want to personally thank everyone of you for your continued support and wish you happy shopping on!


With gratitude,

Larry Reynosa
CEO/Chief Instructor Makoto Dojo School of Aikido Inc.