My name is Daniel A. Ditlof. I have trained in the martial arts since childhood. Having two young children, I knew how important martial arts has been in my life and I wanted my son and daughter to experience a martial art that would enhance their lives with more that just being able to defend themselves. I had been driving by Makoto Dojo for about two years and then, one day, I dropped in to “check it out” and, like they say, “the rest is history.”

I was fortunate to be able to train privately with Shihan Reynosa for the first five years of my training. The years have passed and I still train regularly because I will always be a student of aikido. I assist in sharing my knowledge with all students at the dojo by instructing classes, when asked.

Makoto Aikido has changed my life. I believe that all those students who have experienced Shihan Reynosa’s teachings will vouch for me. Once you’ve stepped on the mat at Makoto Dojo and learned the way of Makoto Aikido, you too will understand.

Come join us in training in a martial art that prides itself on being non-violent and
non-aggressive and yet, extremely effective.

I look forward to training with you.

img dan ditlof 225x300 - Dan Ditlof