Level 1

The Adult Level I class is an entry level class where a new adult student can begin their training.

Basic terminology and training concepts are introduced with the major emphasis being on making the new student feel welcome and comfortable in their uniform and setting practical goals for training.

Skills include basic training theory, falling and rolling, understanding how to work with senior students and how not to be intimidated by their new environment.

We are very patient in introducing new students to Aikido as a means of self-defense, but also as a means of living life fully and overcoming those fears that might be holding us back.

Aikido philosophy includes self-defense and assault prevention technique and theory, balancing the two in order to maintain a connection to the reality we live in on a daily basis.

Level 2

The Adult Level 2 class is designed strictly for the student that has accomplished his first rank as a 5th Kyu.

At this level we don’t have to worry as much about a student falling and injuring themselves.

In this class we have a greater freedom to introduce new, more effective techniques and to train together at a higher level in regards to speed and rigor.

Chief Instructor approval is needed for a low ranking student to participate at this level.

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